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I am Dr Sumaiya Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan.I have done my bachelors in dental surgery.I am a dry and antisocial yet a simple person.My philosophy of life is "be different and do different".I have special affection with nature. If I was not a dentist, I would have been a nature photographer or an artist. I have a poor power of expression and for this reason you wont find any frequent posts on my blog. I usually donot find enough time and words to express my feelings and experiences and most of the times post videos and pictures in relation to my feelings on my blog.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unanswered Questions

Is there any value of our hardwork in this life or everything is destined to be and planned by God already? If our hardwork really counts then has this not been planned by God already that we will work hard? God says in Holy Quran that he listens us..but does He only listen to our wishes and wants or He fulfills them as well? And if He fulfills what we ask for then everyone should be happy in this worl..but everyone is not happy! This means God only listens and does not fulfill all our wishes! So why are we supposed to ask him for what we want? Is it not useless to waste our time asking for things we wont get?? and this also means everything is pre planned before you are even born! So then why is praying to God so important? why is religion so important? for life here after?? is this the answer? are we following religion in this life to earn good points in life here after? so that we can earn a castle in heaven like our parents have been telling us and our grand and grand grand and great grand parents have been passing this message to their descendents?? So this means if we are good in religion in this world then we are going to have a good life here after and we shall not be burned in hell for the sins which we havent performed. But is it possible that a person passes his entire life without performing any sin? NO!! (if you talk about normal humans). So every person performs atleast a small sin in his or her life right? and for that sin he will have to answer on the day of judgement..and he will be punished for that sin accordingly..so if he will be punished for one sin then why does he spend his entire life trying his best to be good in religion? why does he has to follow the DOES and DONTS of his religion? he can not enjoy half of the world just because his religion does not allow him to enjoy that way!! why cant he simple enjoy in this world fully and then answer on the day of judgement for all the sins he has performed in this life? Atleat once he will be able to enjoy i.e in this world..on the other hand if he keeps on worrying about his religion in this world, he will miss half of the fun of this world and in life here after as well he wont be a position holder because as i mentioned no one is perfect and everyone has performed one or more sins for which he will be punished..this means he spent his entire worldly life worrying for his life hereafter and on the day of judgement as well he will suffer because of few of his sins that he might have performed in the world!! ASMAN SE GIRA KHAJOOR MEN ATKA!! i often feel betrayed by this religion talk..some of these as above are unanswered questions..i often feel everything is pre planned and we are just statues controlled by God and he enables us to do only what he wants..so why are we even alive?? HE could have used robots instead of humans! If God is equal to seven mothers why is 75% of the world so unhappy? people being killed in bomb blasts, men being slaughtered in their country, wrong ways preferred to rise higher in professional life, thousands of girls being raped daily? etc etc etc..we say not even a leaf can move by breeze if God doesnot want..then where is God now when all these tragedies and accidents are taking place? if whatever happens to  person has been earlier decided by God and is for the betterment of that person then how is it better for a girl to be raped? how is it better for kids to loose their father because he had been slaughtered by Taliban? how is it better for a person that he is suffering from cancer? how is it better for a person whose dead body is not found after bomb blast? if you say that difficult times come upon men because of their own sins then it is not wrong to say that all you achieve in this world is because of your own efforts and praying to God does not matter...and if you want to give credit of your achievements to God then also give him the credit of your hardships!


  1. Oh my good lord! You cant understand how happy I am to have stopped by your blog! I am from India, a student of electrical engineering. I was born to a muslim dad & sikh mother( she converted to islam as a precondition for the marriage) but I am now an atheist. Both my parents have been non-practicing muslims. Just like you wrote in the blog, I also had the same questions but could not get the convincing answers from neither Islam ( so called true religion 1400 years old) nor sikhism (historically the most recent mainsteam religion- in India).
    If there really exists a true god, all powerful & merciful, he is certainly not carrying out his job efficiently- given the pain and suffering in the world. Where is the mercy, compassion which is advertised in the so called revealed books thru their respective prophets or gurus.
    I have realised that this can not be the god's fault, as he never communicates directly with us small creatures to claim that he is merciful and compassionate or to command our respect. It is the middlemen ( our so called prophets or gurus or the son of god!), who claim this on behalf of the god.
    We humans are so gullible that we fall prey to these middlemen for fear of god. Why cant we see that Even after 1400 years of islam on earth, there is no mercy, no compassion or no peace or happiness of mankind visible anywhere. Similarly, sikhism being the latest religion should have provided answers to these questions (as in science or technology: newer means better & improved quality), but yet again we humans failed to grasp that there are no answers to these questions in Sikhism too and instead of rejecting for want of these answers, blindly adopted it.
    But frankly speaking, I feel that out of present religions, none can be true or from God but Islam is the most ungodly and dangerous, as its teachings are designed for Muslims to be proud and obliged to carry out the most heinous activities against their fellow humans, believing it to be act of obedience to god. Our prophet has been eulogized as the model to follow, which does not leave any room for peaceful coexistence of muslims with follower of other religions, as what we learn from our prophet is to either dominate other religions or terminate them.
    However, in India it is still possible to live as an atheist as the state is secular and majority is hindu, which is a tolerant faith as polytheism is tolerant by default(otherwise it would not be polytheism!). But I can feel the pain and helplessness you would be feeling in Pakistan. Take care.

  2. I donot agree with many of your points..I wont say that Islam is the best religion because it hasnt given me any advantage..but i would never blame the Prophets and Prophets' descendents for all the trouble of Muslim world today because they themselves were perfect human beings and if you read about them properly from authentic books of authentic authors then you will know that they themselves were not just perfect but they gave all they could, to all the common people of their times..they would even bless a person with anything that person needs even if the other person does not follow them..Even today many people are being blessed by them but its very hard to be in good books of the Prophets and their descendents..it requires so much sacrifices..you need to limit yourself from so many pleasures of this life and this world..atleast a common person like me cannot do it..idnt knw much about sikhism so i cant comment on it..About Pakistan..yes every country has drawbacks when it comes to religion but that hapens everywhere today..even christianity today is so divided so lets not comment on countries..Iam not an atheist..Iam a practising Muslim but my point is that I cannot pray 5 times a day just because Islam has taught us to do so..i should be praying when I really feel like praying i.e when I am really happy with God and what He has given me..and that "happy" I am not!

  3. I know, first hand- We are conditioned and taught to assign special place in our hearts & minds to our prophets in general & prophet Muhammad in particular, the companions and the descendents of the prophet. That is why I was careful in choosing my words to write about him. This is because, although my parents were non-practicing but my uncles and cousins wear Islam on their shoulder. I have felt the love they had for him. Even my dad refers to him with the usual "sallallahu alayhi wasallam" . I also had that special place in my heart for him until I stopped calling myself muslim. This is how we are brought-up and conditioned to think and feel. We are not encouraged to raise questions, express doubts, make an informed decision wrt anything related to islam or the prophet.
    Please dont mind but how can I agree that they were perfect when it is known fact that there was infighting within the close relatives and friends after the prophet passed away. If they were so perfect and " gave all they could" why they fought for caliphate? Where is the sacrifice that you are talking about? Had one group sacrificed, there wont have been the bloodshed.
    You suggest about " authentic books of authentic authors ". Let me tell you that I am a young boy but I read a lot. Can you tell me any book more authentic than our quran, Bukhari Sharif and sirat ( Ishaq). I have browsed many Islamic websites and many anti-Islam sites as well. Only then I have reached the conclusion that the only thing I don't need to be a good human being is religion. I donot need religion to know that I should behave compassionately with my fellow humans. Religion teaches me to behave differently with two people on the ground that one is born in a believer's home, while other is born in a non-believer home, without any regard to what are the qualities in them! How can this be understood? I did not ask god to make me a human or a muslim's son. Neither has any other non-muslim wanted to be born in a non-muslim family. How can god ask me to be kind to one and unkind to another, just because god has himself put the other guy in that disadvantageous position! Where is the justice? Why as a muslim I have to confine a non-muslim to the narrowest path of the road?
    I have felt so much pain in trying to figure it out. When ever I tried to talk to my dad about these things, after a certain point he would ask me to just not think too much on it and concentrate on my studies etc.
    One more thing about my uncles and cousins: When talking within muslims they would ask me not to be too friendly with my hindu friends, or not to bond too much with my sikh relatives (from my mom's side); but when talking with the hindus or sikhs, they would try to convince them that Islam teaches tolerance, all humans are equal, prophet was sent for all humans & not for muslims alone. One day I asked my uncle if Islam teaches tolerance, why the last wish of the prophet was to expel all jews & christians from Arabian peninsula? and why my non-muslims friends and relatives are not worthy of friendly relation? He got extremely angry and accused me of being influenced by shaitan and that once it is said by god then it is to be accepted and not doubted.
    I am sorry if I am offending your beliefs. I did not intend to do so.
    Take care & bye

  4. 1. We are encouraged to ask questions and we have scholars to answer them using their knowledge. But when you talk about destination and God's will then no one can say anything because what is destined for you by God will happen by hook or by crook and no one can change it; be it positive for you and negative. This is the reason of my sarcasm for religion.

    2.Please make it clear who fought for caliphate? Prophet's descendents only fought when Islam was in great danger..Others who fought for caliphate ( and became the caliphs for short time) actually did not fight for Islam but for power and throne.

    3. The sacrifices I am talking about is the sacrifice for which God has asked from common men if one wants to get into His good books. These include 'do what He says and avoid doing things which for He does not permit you). This sort of sacrifice is a hard task for common people like you, me etc but the Prophets and descendents of Holy Prophet PBUH did gave these sacrifices of worldly desires and materials..not just this..they also sacrifised their lives, family to save Islam..the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifices made by Hussain A.S are clear example of it.

    4. Religion, atleast Islam, is a complete code of life. It teaches you everything in life. From the way of eating till the manners of your washroom. How can it be that a religion which teaches you even the manners of washroom does not teach you how to deal with people?? if you study Ali A.S's life, you will understand how perfectly to deal with people ranging from simple people to hypocrites..

    5. Never consult your father fro your questions. He is a normal human being like you and might not have enough religious knowledge. Go to a religious scholar.

    6. I cannot comment on being kind to other people because I dont like being kind to others except when ineed something from them because i have not been benefited for being kind to others.

    6. I cannot believe in this last wish of Prophet..He was always kind with all (his believers and the non believers)..please give reference

    7. its just a share of thoughts and a discussion. We are not offending each other's beliefs.