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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai?? Well Not For Everyone!

Kashaf Murtaza, an interesting character from another block buster drama serial of HUM TV, has been really striking to me lately as she represents majority of the girls of our society, the middle class girls, like me. I usually write reviews of Pakistani serials and not the individual characters but this character is so much symmetrical to me that I was forced to post about her on my blog. So lets brain storm the similarities between the author and Kashaf.
1. She is a huge pessimist like me!! She sees negative results of each and every thing in her life before the event even occurs. She sees all the people around her in a negative way except her family members.
2. She does not trust anyone in this world like the author. Moreover, she does not even trust her mother and sisters regarding her marital issues and marriage proposals.
3. She is a victim of the class differences set by the cruel society..but..
4. Inspite of all the class differences, she works very hard among the high class people to fulfill her needs and wants...but..
5. She hesitates working with these high class people and avoids them and hesitates when she is with them. She avoids disclosing her identity infront of these people with the fear that they might make fun of her middle class standards and life style. Well the author is not so conscious but yes a little.
6. She is ambitious and has a strong will power and she would spend thousands of sleepless nights working hard to achieve her dreams. Her self esteem and self respect donot allow her to ask for any favor from anyone.
7. Her ego is really strong and she would never ever kneel in front of anyone.
8. She is a sourceless girl which means she is not the daughter of some wealthy and rich parents, who in our society, can buy her dreams using their money and for this reason she has to work really hard.
9. She is ofcourse not happy with the unfair system of the society. She hates classy people who can buy themselves big achievements just because their fathers are on some really good source or they have got loads of money in their bank accounts.
10. She is always blaming God for all the hardships of her life. And her way of complaining is so similar to that of the author!
11. She loves blogging like me. Well she does not have a blog but she has a simple diary in which she can mention all her feelings. But she mentions everything openly and directly unlike me.
12. She is a rude, egoistic person but once you get friendly with her you discover that she is your most sincere friend. And is you tease her even a bit, she becomes your worst enemy.
Well Kahsaf's life is getting better day by day with every episode of "Zindagi Gulzar Hai". She has come out of the rags and is now leading a comfortable life. Her hardwork has bought her all the comforts of life. She is a respectable government officer now. Her family is happy and she is happy and gradually she is converting herself from a rude, egoistic and complaining person to a soft and grateful person just because she is starting to believe that all her dreams have finally come true.
But does this all happen in real life? There are thousands of girls in our society who resemble Kashaf some how or maybe fully but all of them donot achieve this happiness in the end inspite of all their hardwork. Many such girls donot achieve professional greatness, though they have also spent thousands of sleepless nights like Kashaf. They get to hear in the end that  "this is the reality of life and you wont get everything because you are from a middle class family so try to be grateful for what you have"...Many girls are unable to find a Prince Charles for themselves like Kahshaf found her's (Zaroon) and when they donot accept the ordinary proposals they get to hear "no miracle would happen for you..you are an ordinary girl with ordinary face and ordinary parents.why do you wait for some Prince Charles"
Where should these girls go and hit their heads?? 

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