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I am Dr Sumaiya Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan.I have done my bachelors in dental surgery.I am a dry and antisocial yet a simple person.My philosophy of life is "be different and do different".I have special affection with nature. If I was not a dentist, I would have been a nature photographer or an artist. I have a poor power of expression and for this reason you wont find any frequent posts on my blog. I usually donot find enough time and words to express my feelings and experiences and most of the times post videos and pictures in relation to my feelings on my blog.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Greater Danger For Most Of Us Lies Not In Setting Our Aim Too High And Falling Short; But In Setting Our Aim Too Low, And Achieving Our Mark.

Gone are the days when we were students of primary school and nothing was more pleasing to us than getting a new colourful fascinating stationary box with pictures of pink panther and disney princesses on it. When small things made us happy and we used to say "Thankyou Allah Mian" after eating a scoop of our favourite icecream. As time passes, we set high goals and aim of achieving difficult destinations. And sometimes these goals are so difficult to achieve and appear to be so far away that they are left unachieved and even God gets in trouble because in the end, if our dreams donot come true and our wishes are left unfulfilled, we blame other people or God or ourselves. One would say to limit ourselves and to dream less and wish for less and set goals which can be achieved but then life would be so meaningless with such little and useless aims and goals!! According to Allama Iqbal:

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