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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Muawiyah II And His Affection For Panjetan

After the death of Yazid ibn e Muawiyah, who was the main culprit of Karbal, his son, Muawiyah II was made the khalifa  but he was not happy with his position as a khalifa as he was naturally born with affection for Imam Ali A.S and his descendents. He said to the people:

"Kilafat is like a punishment for me and it is not for me. It is necessary that I tell you that who really deserves this position. Listen People! Imam Zain Ul Abideen, son of Imam Hussain, is present among you. He is righteous and he deserves this postition. It is your duty to go to him and convince him for this position. Although I am aware that he will not accept it. O people! I have no wish to be your khalifa because the ignorance and corruption of you people, which I donot like, is not small but major and I am also aware of the fact that even you people donot like me. I have to suffer from great difficulty and punishment while I am your leader and you people are also in great difficulty because of me. Listen! my grand father Muawiyah I, for this khilafat and honour, fought wars against the man, who was more deserving for this position and that man was not just better than Muawiyah for this position but he was better amongst all human beings. That man had the most affection for Prophet PBUH. His good deeds and good points are many. He had the greatest knowledge amongst all men, he was the bravest amongst all mujahid men, he was the first one to believe in Muhammad He holds the greatest position after Muhammad. He was the first one to achieve the pride of Muhammad's companionship. Apart from all these good deeds he was Prophet's cousin, his son in law and his religious companion and spiritual brother. Hasan and Hussain who are the princes of heaven are his sons only. My grandfather stood up against this man with such corruption about which you all are aware and the ignorance,present among you people, because of my grand father is also quite evident to you people. No doubt my grandfather succeeded in achieving his goals and all his worldly desires were achieved. But then death grabbed him and because of his deeds he is now suffering alone in his grave. His cruelty and corruption are now standing in front of him in his grave. Then this leadership was given to my father Yazid. Although my father Yazid, because of his unislamic thoughts, words and acts was not a deserving person for this position but his inner creature resulted in him being your leader. And then my father stood against Prophet PBUH  to such an extent that he shed blood of Rasul's descendents. Fortunately his span was short and he died soon after. He is now sensing the bitter taste of his bad deeds and in his grave, is stuck in hardship, which is the result of his own sins. surely he must be regretting for what he has done. But now?? when there is no use of regretting. He is now being punished and we have forgotten his death and we are not sad by his death. I wish we could get to know what excuses he made in his grave for his wrong doings. Is he being punished for his sins?? I have no doubt in that. Now I am the third Khalifa of my cruel family Bani Umaiyyah. People favouring me are less. O brothers! I donot have energy to carry the weight of your sins. May I not see that day when I have to go infront of God with the weight of your sins. Now you people are free to decide about your government. Take it from me and make your khalifa any person whom you like."

Marwaan, who was sitting just beneath the position from where Muawiyah II was addressing the public, stood up and said to Muawiyah II:

"Are you planning to end your government like Hazrat Umar? Who also handed over his government to common people.."

Muawiyah II said:

"Go away! You are trying to betray me in my religion. I donot have any pleasure to be your leader. Infact i am tasting the bitterness of this leadership. Bring people similar to those who were present at Umar's time..except for the fact that he handed over this khilafat to people which was snatched from Ali..and even he was labelled as wicked for satching this khilafat from Ali. I swear to God, if khilafat was of any benefit then my father and grandfather only got loss from it and they only succeeded to make a collection of sins from it."

Muawiyah II ended his speech and came home full of grief. His mother and other relatives criticized him for this address.His mother said to him:

"I wish you were aborted when you were just a fetus"

He replied:

"I swear to God I wish the same"

Bani Umaiyyah then started to blame Muawiyah's II teacher Umar Maqsus. They blamed him that it was because of his affection for Ali A.S that they had seen that day. Maqsus said that it was not his fault and that Muawiyah II was naturally born with Ali's affection in his heart. The teacher was buried alive by Bani Umaiyyah and Muawiyah II was poisoned to death by his family members.

Refrence book: 14 sitaray

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