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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Yehe Hai Ebadat Yehi Deen o Eman, Ke Kaam Aey Dunya Men Insan Ke Insan"

So recently we had a session on BLS thats basic life support....Now for all those who dont know what BLS is:its a sequence of steps you perform to save life of a person when you are called to attend that unconscious person in emergency.The purpose of BLS is to maintain the vital signs of the person in normal state unless he is driven to hospital for proper treatment.The vital signs means breathing, temperature, blood pressure and pulse.In BLS we mainly concentrate on breathing and pulse because abnormality of these two cause fatality within seconds..Now what to do to ensure that the patient is breathing effectively..for this you must ensure whether the airway of that person is patent or not because unless the road is patent how would the cars reach their destination...similarly if the airway is not patent, air would not be able to reach the lungs...to maintain the airway you put an oxygen mask covering patient's nose and mouth.With your right hand hold the chin of the patient and pull it upwards and backwards..Put the other hand on the upper margin of the mask..Blow from your mouth into the opening of the mask..air from your mouth goes into the mask and through the patient's nose into his lungs.Give two breathes and then check the patient's chest...if it moves then it means air is reaching the lungs

mouth to mouth breathing when oxygen mask is not available

...now we come to pulse...on reaching the patient, check his pulse through your fingers at the side of his neck

...if no pulse then go for cardiac compressions...caridac compressions are manual compressions given by ur hand on patient's heart area to make the heart contract and relax so that pumping of blood by the heart is maintained..if this is not done, brain wont get any blood and he brain will suffer brain death....now how to give cardiac compressions:place the lower area of your right (only lower part  and not the whole palm) on patient's chest slightly below his left nipple...interdigitate ur left hand fingers with the already placed right hand fingers..Now compress the patinet's chest with your hands and then relax..repeat this for 30 times.

caridac compressions

I you summarise all of this, it will be as follows:
>You are called for help and you approach the unconscious patient.You tap his shoulders gently to check whetherhe responds or not.
>If not then start cardiac compressions 30 times.
>Give two breaths of air while holding the chin upards and backwards.
>Check for the chest movements.If no chest movements then start then start the cycle again.
This is called CAB i.e circulation, airway, breathing.
You feel good when you save someone's life..Hope this article helps you some time.

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