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Sunday, December 25, 2011

"K"is parcham kay saey talay hum aik hen..??

"Is parcham kay saey talay hum aik hen,
Sanjhi apni khushiyan aur gham aik hen hum aik hen"

A very beautiful phrase from one of our national songs very often sung and seldom followed..."hum aik hen" remains a question still even after the marvellous procession by Tehreek e Insaf at Mazar e Quaid..People not only from Karachi but also from other cities joined the jalsa with sky scraping hopes and expectations from the person because of whom we were victorious in 1992 world cup and the person who was a dominant helper of flood victims of our country..
However,the question remains...was the procession just an excitement specially for the youth or it could really bring a change and revoultion in this country as it claims??Was the jalsa to promote development in Pakistan or to promote Tehreek e Insaf and Imran khan??If it was for the improvement of our country then what was the ideology behind this sentence of Imran Khan when he tagetted Nawaz Sharif and said:

"Nawaz Sharif sahab,zara jaldi match kalen,kahin aisa na ho aap ko team he na miley"

What was the reason behind this statement by him:

"Aik aur wicket girnay jarhe hai..Sardar asif ali hmaray sath hongay jald"

What does he mean by saying aik aur wicket girnay wali hai??is he starting another game in our country like the other politicians who have been playing games against each other since always in the lust of defeating eachother??Why is there so much thrill around when a renowned politician joins PTI??Does Imran Khan want to increase his followers and expand his party or he wants to work for our betterment??if he wants to work for our betterment then why is he trying to increase his party members??Wern't Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jawaid Hashmi always against each other??How can you exect a peaceful environment in PTI when there are two past rivals now together in the same party??Imran Khan has worked alone in the past for our country and he has worked well..He was able to collect crores of rupes for the flood victims...Why sowing corruption seeds in his party by adding other politicians??

If Pakistan and not his party is his priority then why were only few Pakistani flags were seen in the jalsa as compared to the thousands of PTI flags??Are we united under PTI's flag or our nation's flag??if PTI dissolves then will we stop working for Pakistan??if the answer is no then a question for all the excited youth who took part in jalsa today..

If Pakistan and not PTI is a priority then why did we hear more slogans in the favour of PTI and why so less Pakistan Zindabad slogans??

If his main aim is the betterment of Pakistan then why were there slogans against Zardari??This was not an opposition jalsa..it was to promote developmental plans...then why anti zardari slogans...I am not here favouring Zardari but this wasnt an anti zardari campaign..people with positve attitude dont have to pollute the negative ones..Their abilities are enough to make them radiant..
Hazrat Ali has rightly siad:

"If you want to defeat your enemy,try to increase your abilities"

In a nutshell, I shall state that we have faced enough heart attacks from our politicians..We all are trusting (though I am not) imran khan blindly but there is no assurance that he will fulfil all of his promises except only his statements which have already convinced half of the nation..not to forget that we have been hearing these types of statements since ever and we ae habitual of seeing these promises getting broken.


  1. Very nicely written, what I think is that all these political puppets are dancing in one hand and that is MONEY. changing the prime minister or president wont end the corruption committed on the ground level. if we really want a change then we need to change the mindset of people, we need to teach them to respect the differences and accept the similarities. We are fighting among ourselves till day, and killing each other depleting our own races with our own hands. We need to understand what is required, as they say "Charity began at home".

  2. Thanks for the comment...I totally agree "Charity begins at home"

  3. sure, I wish you good luck for your future writings you write really well