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Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life."

Maliha: Can a friend be bad?
Junaid: No a friend cannot be bad..Either he is your friend or he is not..

These are the beautiful lines from the Pakistani drama "Daam" written by none other but the fabulous writer "Umera Ahmed"...Its a soap highlightening friendship,the sacrifice and dedication in friendship and its ups and downs..
Zara (the girl in black dress in the picture above) and Maliha (the girl in red) were the bestest friend since 7 years...People used to adore their friendship and wished they could have such a strong relation.Others used to be jealous that they were deprived of such strong friendship...Zara belonged to a lower class family with a dad and a brother who were almost jobless,an unmarried sister who used to run their house by working, a younger mentally retarded sister and a mother who was fedup of their family problems..Inspite of all these problems, Zara was a brilliant medical student and there was no such exam in which Zara was not the 1st position holder...Maliha on the other hand was always the runner up..Maliha lived in a well furnished and luxurious house..She belonged to a high class and an affordable family with her caring parents and a brother Junaid (the guy in middle), who after Zara was her bestest friend and was doing his specialization from abroad...There had always been an unnamed relation between Zara and Junaid..apart from Maliha as a connection between the two,Junaid and Zara secretly used to adore each other...Their secret revealed when Maliha recognised,in a part, the pendant Zara was wearing and which Maliha had spotted in Junaid's room once...when maliha had asked junaid why and for whom he had bought it, Junaid had replied that he just bought it because he liked it..On spotting the locket in zara's neck, Maliha felt down trudden and felt as if she had been kept in dark and Junaid and Zara had betrayed her by not telling her about their relationship...Junaid cleared to Maliha that he wanted to surprise her but Maliha wasnt convinced and this was the moment when there occured the first crack in the trio's friendship...Zara on the other had, busy in her sister's wedding had no clue what was going on..Only it was when Zara needed Rs 50,000 to get her father out of jail, who was arrested because he had  not paid his debt to someone...Expecting that her best friend Maliha would help her like she always did,Zara went to her with all her hopes.It was here when Maliha poured out all her anger which had been boiling inside her since she felt betrayed..

Maliha: You only come to me when you need any help or money..Seems that my friendship wasnt enough for you and you wanted my house and my brother.
Zara:I didnt tell you about the relationship between me and Junaid because I felt weird..I did not know how you would react..I always adored your house because it had all the respect and love within the family...I never had such beautiful love and respect in my poor house.
Maliha: Seven years I have paid for this friendship...Its time that you pay now..I will give you 50,000.But only at one cost...You will give me this pendant which Junaid had given you and you will not marry him..And you will never meet or talk to him and you will never come to my place again.

There was no other hope of 50,000 for Zara's family other than Maliha..Realizing this,Zara agreed and sacrificed her love...She sold her love and freed her father..On the other hand, Junaid,who had now left Pakistan was told that Zara had refused for marrying him for some reason...Maliha spoiled everything..The crack which had started earlier penetrated on and on and ate their friendship like moth...It was years later when Maliha realized what a mess she had made but nothing could be done then...she only apologized to Junaid and Zara for what she had done...Junaid would never talk to her again...There is more to this drama than what I have mentioned..

We all do come to such turns in our life when we ask our friends for something in return of what we have done for them...Friendship without need and just for the sake of friendship and only in the name of love and care is not possible in today's world...In a way Maliha was right when she complained that she should have known about what was going on between her brother and her best friend...I also do complain to my friends when they dont tell me what they are upto...Its not that I want to stay updated...its only a matter  of importance...if your friend thinks you are important for him or her,he or she will share with you every single scene of his life and every single thought and plan he has...The only difference is that Maliha went a bit too ahead in her anger and she regretted for all she had done later...Its true that there is nothing called a bad friend...But if we follow this line then we will be friendless because such extreme loving friends are rare in this world..Hazrat Ali has rightly said

"donot go on finding a perfect person in life..Perfect people donot exist and you will be left alone in the world"

Friendship is a precious possession...its ok if your friend does not share everything with you...you should be flexible enough to let small thing go rather than let go your friendship..because you should not expect every person to be just as you expect...If you are a very good friend that does not mean every other person will also be a good friend to you..Some people do fulfil your expectations but everyone cannot because God has created a variety of people with a variety of personalities...You cannot expect every other person to be of the nature you want..

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