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I am Dr Sumaiya Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan.I have done my bachelors in dental surgery.I am a dry and antisocial yet a simple person.My philosophy of life is "be different and do different".I have special affection with nature. If I was not a dentist, I would have been a nature photographer or an artist. I have a poor power of expression and for this reason you wont find any frequent posts on my blog. I usually donot find enough time and words to express my feelings and experiences and most of the times post videos and pictures in relation to my feelings on my blog.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Torn Apart

Roads have started to clear, fog on my goal is vanishing day by day, my tears have started to dry, my sight is gradually getting clear, new ways and routes are open, I have keys to unlock various new doors which contain within, precious and valuable opportunities..everything gets simple and easy day by day but my soul is confused and my heart still locked with the attraction of the locked door, the keys of which are owned by God and only He knows why He didnt allow me to unlock it two years back..mind orders to run forward and grab the golden opportunities which will help me to live a fully successful life..yes fully successful but not happy..not happy because my heart still forces me to wait for the locked door to open..the heart gives me an illusion that the locked door will open one day and that I shall have the reward of my patience..in this war of mind and heart my soul is stuck in between. This mind - heart war has made my soul confused..it has scared my soul to move in either direction..so now even if the locked door opens; the door which I considered to be source of both happiness and success; my soul would be doubtful about it..this 2 year duration war between my mind and heart has made my soul tired..it just wants to stay where it is..and my soul says it wont take even a step..neither towards the locked door nor towards the open chances..come what may.

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