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I am Dr Sumaiya Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan.I have done my bachelors in dental surgery.I am a dry and antisocial yet a simple person.My philosophy of life is "be different and do different".I have special affection with nature. If I was not a dentist, I would have been a nature photographer or an artist. I have a poor power of expression and for this reason you wont find any frequent posts on my blog. I usually donot find enough time and words to express my feelings and experiences and most of the times post videos and pictures in relation to my feelings on my blog.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Maa Jaisi Hasti, Dunya Men Hai Kahan..

For all the mothers ( dead or alive):

Paradise lies at the feet of your mother.

(Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

If I were damned of body and soul,
I know whose prayers would make me whole,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine
(Rudyard Kipling)

Jab chot kabhi merey lag jati thi,
To aankh teri bhe to bhar ati thi,
Aik choti si phoonk se teri,
Sabhi dard merey hotey they gum.

Teri baaton men apni har aik men,
Uljhan ka hall paleta tha,
Terey hathon ki roti aksar hi,
Bhook se ziada khaleta tha,
Tera hissa men, tera kissa men,
Jo sabko sunati ho tum
(Irshad Kamil)

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