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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Woman In Black

So here we have another masterpiece of Daniel Radcliffe (the famous Harry Potter). For all the people who are fans of horror movies, and all those who enjoy having chills while watching horror movies, WOMAN IN BLACK is another recommendation you might like.Its not possibly comparible to INSIDIOUS but probably better than THE DEVIL INSIDE  and may catch the attention of RADCLIFFE fans also known as THE POTTER FANS.
The story is an adaptation of the 1983 novel of the same name by the author Susan Hill. The book was also adapted into a stage play in 1987 in U.K.The movie is a classic ghost story. Few of the scenes of the movie for example the sudden appearance of some ghost or seeing a hand or a face on the other side of the window are the same and have the same theme as other horror movies. However the spectacular direction by James Watkins and not to forget the presentation of the movie which includes the locations and the dressups which are the correspondents of the old English villages and the old English people categorize this movie as a fair one.
The movie unlike most of the other horror movies does not consist of a normal start and begins with an alarming scene whn three young girls who are playing in their room suddenly stand up and jump out of the three windows in their room.Next comes Daniel Radcliffe staring as Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer who has to visit this same village in which the three girls died, for some paper work. To complete his assignment, he is supposed to go to Eel Marsh House, an abandoned mansion that is inaccessible for a good portion of each day. The tide rolls in and cuts it off from the rest of the town completely inaccessible. Here the horror of his life begins and here we find similarity between this movie and the other horror movies with haunted houses.As Arthur will find out, a young boy drowned in the marsh by Eel House. His mother is believed to be the mysterious Woman in Black who appears before each death and who, if superstition is to be trusted, compels the children to rush to their untimely ends. I am not going to summarise the movie here otherwise I shall spoil the movie for those who are interested in watching it. However the end is not the same as other such movies in which the curse stops in the end.
Throughout the movie, tthe viewer has to stay alert for the background changes for example sudden movement in the shadows. At some occassions the cameraman has shown his skills and at these moments you might say to yourself that "she will appear from behind him right now" but the woman in black does not appear from behind and instead you may find out  something more thrilling which may cause you to jump from your seat. There were many such scenes while I was watching this movie in the cinema.The viewers would jump out from their seats due to some sudden panic in the movie and then the audience would laugh at themselves for being so jumpy so suddenly. Also the versatility of horror consists of deaths from all sorts of causes for example dying from burning, dying because of drowning in the marsh or spiting out blood from mouth followed by death.
The sets are decorated in all sorts of lovely details: kitschy paintings on the wall, dead-eyed dolls and wind-up toys, papers in disarray, and photographs covered in cobwebs and dust.
Moreover the makeup done to the artists is remarkable. The grooming of the woman in black herself and all the ghosts of the children of the village are the essential ingredients of the horror of this movie.
Sound effects should not be given less importance. Sudden screaming sounds, or the bangs of a rocking chair, the weird musical sounds of the scary toys, cracking sound of a door opening or the clatter of the door lock all are common sounds and are present in all scary movies but without these a horror movie is incomplete and all these sounds are present in this movie with more breath-taking sound effects.
In a nutshell, the story itself is somewhat similar to many other horror movies but the minor details like  those which I mentioned above make the movie absorbing.
Here is a trailer:

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  1. I don't like horror movies at all but reading this comprehensive description has made me want to watch it! :-)