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I am Dr Sumaiya Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan.I have done my bachelors in dental surgery.I am a dry and antisocial yet a simple person.My philosophy of life is "be different and do different".I have special affection with nature. If I was not a dentist, I would have been a nature photographer or an artist. I have a poor power of expression and for this reason you wont find any frequent posts on my blog. I usually donot find enough time and words to express my feelings and experiences and most of the times post videos and pictures in relation to my feelings on my blog.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

A 60 Seconds Read

A blind man was begging on a side of a New York street with a board written:
Once a man passing that side saw him. The man took the blind man's board and wrote something. After that the blind man got heavy collection. Many people started to give him money. Here is what that stranger wrote on the blind man's board:
This is called the power of expression. Its not just enough to think good. If you are not able to express that good thought of your's in a proper way, people will never know what ideas you have and what a genius mind is present inside your head. This blind man's story was actually sent to me by by friend through sms. It really touched me because I also have a poor power of expression.
If anyone can tell me how to improve it, I shall be thankful.


  1. choice of words really matters!!!.....I guess reading and writing consistently can be one remedy

  2. hmmm...I heard same story a bit differently...

    When the man change the writing on the board of a blind beggar he had lots of charity...so he asked one learned man to tell him what the man wrote on his board....

    He wrote...I am going to Pakistan.


  3. sumaiya , this is also for you because as far as i know your expression power is the poorest among your peers , you are academically excellent and also do not have any kind of issues in life but still you are always looking like a duffer and senseless girl and behaving mysteriously , so you need to polish your Expression Skill .